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Thu Feb 1 13:15:55 PST 1996


I confirmed with Melisande that this is valid for all kingdoms and not 
just's already been posted to the An Tir mailing list as well.

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Date: Tue, 30 Jan 96 09:58:52 EST
From: Carol O'Leary <Carol_O'Leary at>
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Subject: SCA 800 number!

     Greetings to all those hanging around the Merry Rose!
     As a new service to members, the SCA office is installing a toll-free 
     telephone line on an experimental basis.  The number is 
     1-800-789-7486.  (The "experimental" part is this -- we will be 
     charged according to the number of incoming calls we get.  Since this 
     is a new thing, we won't know until it's been in use for awhile how 
     much it's going to cost us, and therefore whether we can afford it on 
     a long-term basis.  The trial period is 6 months.)
     Please let us know whether this service is of benefit to you.  Thanks!
     Melisande de Belvoir/Carol O'Leary

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