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lorraine stddly at SHSU.edu
Sat Feb 3 10:25:10 PST 1996

The Barony of Raven's Fort presents,
April 26-28, 1996 at the Stones of Raven's Fort, Huntsville,TX

It is 1597 in Monaco, Philip II and Henry IV of Navarre have agreed to a 
peace talk... To honor this "truce" four of the fencing masters have agreed 
to teach the arts of war. There will be four schools of fence: French, 
Italian, Swiss and Spanish.(A mini-academy if you will...)
In order to attend one of these schools, you will be expected to present a 
letter of introduction (intent, recommendation) from someone of your choice 
during this time period to register. If you wish to attend more than one 
school (if time permits) you will need more than one letter. This being a 
high persona event, dig out your books and have some fun....
There will also be tactical classes for armored combat that will run at the 
same time as the rapier schools. They will revolve around the use of late 
period weapons (spear, glave, greatsword, shield walls and pikes...)
Competitions will include both Armored and Rapier melees, tournaments, 
Blackpowder Target Shoot and Practium, Crossbow Target Shoot and Dual, A & S 
Competition, Bardic Competition, A Rapier Obstacle Course, Equestrian Demo 
and Competition.
There will be a feast for 150 people. Reservations for the feast will be 
taken beginning March 1 (contact the Autocrat). Site will open on Friday at 
4pm and close Sunday at 4pm. Site fee: $5.00/Feast fee: $5.00. Make checks 
payable to: Barony of Raven's Fort, SCA, Inc.. More information next month.
AUTOCRAT: Baroness Chrystal Ariana MacRuari (Roberta Allen)
                   P.O. Box 6436, Huntsville, TX 77342-6436  (409)295-8765

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