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Thu Feb 1 10:15:35 PST 1996

In response to my question:
>Just out of curiousity, have you ever *seen* anyone receive an award for
>authenticity?  How about research?  Certainly I've seen them given out
>for *applying* any reasearch they did, say in prettily embroidered costuming
>(and I'm not criticizing that at all), but when was the last time a
>research document *won* anything at an A&S competition?  A Sable Sphincter
>was given out for *Authentic* clothing?...

<moondrgn at (Chris and Elisabeth Zakes)>
>Mistress Adelicia Gilwell has received a Sable Thistle for Research. I don't
>know of any others, but the original Lion of Ansteorra, Orm Skjolbidig,
>earned it by being the most authentic Norseman I had (and still have) ever seen.

>Well I've seen Sable Thistles given out for "research"....

<C11Hartel at>
>Lord Dmitri Sviatoslav Varulovich Polynov from the Shire of Tempio has
>received a Sable Thistle for "Name Research".  I know there are several
>others who have received Thistles for other types of Research.

<"Lisa A. May" <xylm1 at>>
>I also know of at least one Laurel and one Iris in Ansteorra given for 
>research.  These gentles are the ones the other Laurels often call for 

Clearly, I am mistaken.  My apologies.  Such awards given out far more
commonly than I had noticed, suggesting my hypothesis that there is, in fact,
a bit of a double standard regarding research and "authenticity" (at least
in *this* kingdom, may be based on a fallacious premise.

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