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Fri Feb 2 09:44:04 PST 1996

Moriel wrote:
>>>Candlemas is still happening in Bryn Gwlad this weekend.  Please
>>>drive very carefully.
>Is this really a wise choice?  The Crown of Meridies decided it was better to
>cancel the event planned for this weekend than to risk any of their populace
>to accicdents caused by bad roads.  Even the military at Fort Hood is closed
>completely except for "mission essential" and medical personnel.  Shouldn't
>we in Ansteorra be as concerned for our populace?

Well, I live ten minutes from the event, have not managed to make it to any
SCA event since my first one, Candlemas '95, and I am not stirring outside
this house even if Saint Bridget herself were coming.  Too many people here
-- including myself, I should say -- don't really know how to drive in this
stuff.  The Austin and surrounding area world is pretty much shut down,
with schools, many businesses and several overpasses just plain closed.
And it's supposed to get worse, not better.

If the event is still happening, or if folks are beginning to travel now, I
advise *extreme* caution.  I don't mean to put a damper on things, but I
don't want anyone to get hurt.

>Moriel (being very grumpy because the ice has delayed her husband, who's been
>gone a month, from coming home tomorrow...)

I'm so sorry to hear that!  I hope you don't have long to wait...

--Fionnuala (trying to deal with this whole thing -- "Flurries"?  What the
blazes are "Flurries"?!?  :) )

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