Awards for things (Was: Award Time)

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Fri Feb 2 19:25:11 PST 1996

Hi Aubrey - this is your Laurel.  I have immense confidence in your research.
 The other matter is between you and Maggie.

To all our friends in Bryn Gwlad, Sir Galen and I have decided that
discretion is the better part of valor and will be staying at home this
weekend.  Regrets to all; I'm sure it would have been great.

As to the awards/recognition for research:  I got my Laurel for research,
albeit in another kingdom.  In a perfect world, every arts award would be at
least partially for research, because in recreation activities, research is a
very basic component.

When I am attempting to evaluate a candidate (and please  note that I am
speaking for myself only, not "the Laurels"), I find that I can't evaluate
someone's work without at least partially considering their research.  By way
of example, even a technically excellent seamstress will not "get it right"
if she has not done research  into how a garment was actually constructed or
cannot at least present an educated guess.  

While "research" and "authenticity" are not the same things, they do have a
symbiotic relationship.

Everyone be safe this weekend.

                                                 Siobhan ni"Breoghan

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