Vicki Marsh zarazena at
Sun Feb 4 21:57:13 PST 1996

It sounds like Candlemas was still a great event, even with the weather.
However, I am quite happy to have stayed home with the family (three boys,
Llywelyn, and the SCA by Internet)in lieu of driving to Bryn Gwlad.

I did hear from Lady Muriella de Clare Fairbourne of Rosenfeld that Baron
Tostig was in a car accident due to icy roads on his way to Candlemas, but
he escaped unharmed.  For this, we give Thanks.  Unfortunately, his vehicle
was not so lucky.

Would anyone please be so kind as to report on the event, especially as to
the Court and any awards that were given out?  This is the first Candlemas I
have missed in at least eight years, and I am homesick.

                Cordially yours, Lady Zahra Zena

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