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Diarmuit asks:

> Just out of curiousity, have you ever *seen* anyone receive an award for
> authenticity?  How about research?

Recognition for pure research (as opposed to the applied research that
the more frequently recognized arts and crafts involve) does happen,
albeit rarely.  To add to the list of names, Baron Charles Stewart
O'Connor, currently of Calontir (and previously of Drachenwald, the
East, and the Midrealm) was made a Companion of the Laurel some years
ago for research.  Of course, having a PhD in military history
probably helped.  I believe that there have also been one or two
research Laurels recognized in the Midrealm.

As for authenticity, several people have mentioned the Lions of
Ansteorra.  Similar awards exist in a few other kingdoms as well: the
Lions of Atenveldt, Outland's Walkers of the Way, and Calontir's
Keepers of the Flame are the one that I can currently remember (though
there may be more).  However, all of these have a flaw - they are
restricted to no more than one per reign, and, while bestowing a great
deal of respect, carry no rank or privilege.  While those that craft
the things required to look authentic are made Peers of the Realm and
accorded high places in our Society, the holder's of these awards are
dependent on what other honors the Crown may bestow for rank and

Personally, I would like to see a Society peerage order create for
*being* authentic, with criteria similar to that for the Lions.  If
the attempt is to be highly valued, why shouldn't we grant our
Society's highest accolades to it?

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