Where are you?????

R. Michael Litchfield litch at eden.com
Sun Feb 11 09:14:54 PST 1996

> Greetings M'Lord!
>      My Lady and I are but recent arrivals in the region of Oklahoma (Lawton),
> and have yet to locate a local shire.  We have traveled all the way from the 
> Midrealm (shire of Falcons Keep), and now find ourselves among barbarians
> who don't even know the meaning of the SCA!!!  We have long been search-
> ing for fellow Folk, but to no avail.  Should you be able to lead us back to
> the Society, you would have my eternal gratitude.  Here is my name;
> Bradley Thiel 
> 4741 Motif Manor Blvd #504
> Lawton OK  73505
> (405) 248-0509

well, I will forward this to the ansteorra newsgroup so you should get a 
response from someone local (hopefully). Lawton consists fo the barony of 
elder hills, to my knowledge they have no web page or net presence
but I do have this info for contacting thier hospitaler.

,(405) 353-3730,7/96


> Thank you for hearing my pleas, and I eagerly await a response.............

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