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> > I have been interested in SCA for some time now, however I was unsure 
> > who to contact.  According to the map I'm located in the Wastelands (Enid, 
> > OK)...appropriate.  I see that there is an event in this area at the end 
> > of March.  I would like more information on that event or a contact person 
> > in this area.  
> > 
> > My e-mail address is <katedave at fullnet.net>.  Any information would be 
> > helpful.
> I am afraid I have next to no information on the upcomming event, but I've
> cc'd a copy of this reply to the ansteorra mailing list so hopefully
> someone will respond.
> The Hospitaller info gives me this information about the wastelands hospitaler
> contact.
> ,(405) 242-0434,7/96
> > 
> > Thanks,
> > 
> > Kate Kerlin
> > 
> > 
> > 
> > 
At the beginning of March (8-10) To Save a Queen IV is being held at Camp 
Perkins which is just across the Red River from Lawton.  Autocrat is Debbie 
Ross.  If you want phone and address e-mail me directly.

February 23-25, A Northern Regional Tribute to Ansteorra is being held at Camp 
Cimmaron, Coyle, Oklahoma.  Autocrat is Kim Lewis.  E-mail me if you want 
address and phone number.  This also includes a Kingdom War College in 
preparation for Gulf Wars to be held in Mississippi.  It is March 13-17, 1996.

Also March 29-31 Wasteland Games IV is scheduled for Enid.  However, the Black 
Star contains no other info.

Willem, etc.
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