Missing webpages

C11Hartel at aol.com C11Hartel at aol.com
Sun Feb 11 19:23:31 PST 1996

In a message dated 96-02-09 17:31:22 EST, you write:

>Does anyone know whats hapopened to the web pages for Tempio, Ravensfort,
>or the steppes? They are all gone, 

Hi Litch!  Sorry for not posting this earlier but the maintainer of the
Raven's Fort and the Tempio page has had a "difference" (some would call it
censorshipfrom the tale I was told) of opinions with the university he was
going through and has thus lost the pages.  Once things get ironed out I'll
drop you a line with the new addresses.

Thanks for asking though....


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