Shoemaking/Please Help.

I. Marc Carlson IMC at
Mon Feb 12 08:18:30 PST 1996

I have now finished the Online edition of my Shoemaking in the Middle
Ages pamphlet, and am now looking for a home for it.  It is currently housed
at "Http://" thanks to the efforts of a nice lady
who has been willing to temporarily let me use her site to display it.
This site will only be available during 9-5 working hours (CST) and only
for about a week or so.  She tells me that not all the links are wanting
to work perfectly, so bear with us.  If anyone would be willing to  house
such a site (I know one gentleman has offered, but I think he might want to
take a look at it first), the total size is 259 files coming out to a little
over 700,000 bytes.

If anyone wishes to take up this mess, or to discuss it at all, please let
me know.

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