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Mon Feb 12 12:03:38 PST 1996

Ches asks:

A few months ago there was a thread about periodness of sites,events, etc. Now
want to know what you have seen/used/heard about how infants are carried
around so 
that the mom can still serve feast, cook in the kitchen, do clean up, run
the site in general. I really hate to impose on anyone to hold my 5 month old
I work. I just learned how to cook and like working in the kitchen but the
holder I 
have is a front one and not very period looking. I realize that there may not
be a period way to do this but I want one close or inventive.

You might want to look at the following files from my SCA Rialto Files:

babies-msg		      (59K)	 5/16/95	Camping with babies.
children-msg     (153K) 10/12/95	Children in the SCA and period.
pregnancy-msg    	(14K)	 1/22/96	Pregnancy in period. Handling it in the SCA.
toys-msg		        (32K)	 8/ 8/94	Period toys.

The topic of carriers may be touched on in the babies-msg file. However, I
you will find some other useful information in there, too. There are some real
good messages on how to make a camping event safe for both you and your baby, 
checklists of what to take along and precautions to take.

These files are available at:

Or from me by email.

If anyone has specific suggestions for Ches, I too would like to see them, so
that I may add them to these files for others to use.

Stefan li Rous
Barony of Bryn Gwlad
markh at

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