Nearest Group (Was HELP)

Deborah Sweet dssweet at
Mon Feb 12 11:56:26 PST 1996


     The group nearest to Sapulpa, OK, is the shire in Tulsa, known as 
Northkeep (Sapulpa is part of the greater Tulsa metro area, for those of 
you who don't know OK geography). The Northkeep seneschal is: Lady Sigen 
Freidrichsdottir (Camille Higdon) at 918-663-8438. (I don't have a 
hospitaller's name or number for Northkeep.) 

     As to local events here in northern Ansteorra, there will be a 
large gathering on the last weekend in February, the Northern Regional 
Tribute/War College. It is located between Stillwater and Coyle on 
highway 33. The people in Northkeep should be able to help you with more 
info on it.

Estrill Swet
Stillwater, OK 

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