Why do some treat heralds so badly

Rachel Jordan psu01169 at odin.cc.pdx.edu
Tue Feb 13 22:15:39 PST 1996


Here in this part of An Tir (Rivers Region), we have a herald who 'sings' 
the morning announcements, gently waking one up to morning. She also has 
a very clear voice, meaning one can actually understand what she is 
saying. I"m not saying she is the standard herald here in An Tir, just 
one of the nifty ones who seems not to have incurred wrath, especially 
early in the morning. Several of my friends in this region are heralds, 
and most of the other people I know endeavor to make sure heralds are 
well taken care of, especially with water during tourneys. I've seen the 
attitude though and try to correct it when feasible.

Kathleen O'Toole, Barony of Three Mountains (Portland, OR) An Tir

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