Litch Was Re: Why do some treat heralds so badly

Mordraut Freyulf mordraut at
Wed Feb 14 07:57:17 PST 1996

On 14 Feb 96 , R.Michael Litchfield shaped electrons to state:

> When are the heralds going to start to be polite?

Perhaps about the same time that you learn to be polite in all your 
postings.  Over the past couple of years I have watched you post some 
useful comments, usually buried in and amongst flame-bait.  A large 
portion of your flame-bait concerns heralds, why, did one rain on 
your parade once?

It also appears to me that you are talking about something that you 
know little about, the SCA. You sit behind your keyboard and gripe about 
how the SCA is, but you do nothing constructive to change it.  You do 
not go to events, nor do you go to business meetings, both of which 
would be good places to try and change the SCA.  Why not?

Perhaps, if you really believe that you know all that is wrong with 
the SCA, you should come out and help change it.  To put in in plain 
english:  Litch, put up or shut up.


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