Litch Was Re: Why do some treat heralds so badly

R.Michael Litchfield litch at
Wed Feb 14 15:51:39 PST 1996

>> When are the heralds going to start to be polite?
>Perhaps about the same time that you learn to be polite in all your

So we are talking geological epochs here huh?

>  Over the past couple of years I have watched you post some
>useful comments, usually buried in and amongst flame-bait.  A large
>portion of your flame-bait concerns heralds, why?

You're right, I don't like heralds much, I think the are the epitomy of a
lot of things wrong with our society. There was a time I actually was going
to be a herald, I was interested in a lot of things within thier purview,
protocol, "book" heraldry, etc. Set about learning it and was to the point
of taking the PE exam (when they had one here when I looked around at the
heralds and discovered I couldn't stand what I saw, worse I was becoming
like them.
It crystalized at a ILOI circle I was watching, the picayune pleasure they
got out of sniping at peoples submissions was revolting. Looking at it in a
broader scope I discovered that the people who were attracted to heraldry
were dispropotionately possesed of small narrowminded attitudes about what
the society should and shouldn't be, what people should do, and in general
were pathetic yapdogs with pointless purposeless lives who got pleasure out
of any imposition they could make on people who had a broader more
enjoyable view of what we do.

>It also appears to me that you are talking about something that you
>know little about, the SCA. You sit behind your keyboard and gripe about
>how the SCA is, but you do nothing constructive to change it.

I consider criticism a valid and constructive activity.

>  You do
>not go to events, nor do you go to business meetings, both of which
>would be good places to try and change the SCA.  Why not?

Gee and they always used to say one could paly as little or as much as one
wanted to, guess that's not true anymore.

In any case you're wrong, I do got the events and things I have the money
and time for, I usually make it to at least one thing a month, usually 2-3.

>Perhaps, if you really believe that you know all that is wrong with
>the SCA, you should come out and help change it.  To put in in plain
>english:  Litch, put up or shut up.

I don't know all that is wrong, I have several ideas on how to improve the
situation, and I do mention them whenever they seem approriate to me.



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