Litch Was Re: Why do some treat heralds so badly

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Thu Feb 15 01:01:04 PST 1996

Minor side discussion here, hopefully people will read it:-)

On 14 Feb 96 , R.Michael Litchfield shaped electrons to state:

> >> When are the heralds going to start to be polite?
> >
> >Perhaps about the same time that you learn to be polite in all your
> >postings.
> So we are talking geological epochs here huh?

Ok, at least you are willing to admit it. 

> >  Over the past couple of years I have watched you post some
> >useful comments, usually buried in and amongst flame-bait.  A large
> >portion of your flame-bait concerns heralds, why?

<His answer snipped, he brings up some points that I think the 
heralds should answer>

> >It also appears to me that you are talking about something that you
> >know little about, the SCA. You sit behind your keyboard and gripe
> >about how the SCA is, but you do nothing constructive to change it.
> I consider criticism a valid and constructive activity.

If done constructively yes, if done mainly in an inflamatory manner, 
no.  Consider the fact that there are people who will not be reading 
this, or your response because it has you name attached to it.  They 
will miss any good points that you make because they have gotten 
tired of your inflamatory manner.  If you made the same points without 
being inflamatory you would probably get more attention.

> >  You do
> >not go to events, nor do you go to business meetings, both of which
> >would be good places to try and change the SCA.  Why not?
> Gee and they always used to say one could paly as little or as much
> as one wanted to, guess that's not true anymore.
> In any case you're wrong, I do got the events and things I have the
> money and time for, I usually make it to at least one thing a month,
> usually 2-3.

Well, I haven't seen you lately.  My main point is simple, if you 
want to make the SCA a better place, you should do it where the main 
SCA population is, and this isn't the place.  You have valid points, 
but the people that need to hear them are not on-line.

> >Perhaps, if you really believe that you know all that is wrong with
> >the SCA, you should come out and help change it.  To put in in
> >plain english:  Litch, put up or shut up.
> I don't know all that is wrong, I have several ideas on how to
> improve the situation, and I do mention them whenever they seem
> approriate to me.

One of my main gripes with this list, and is that there 
are plenty of people willing to spout ideas, but when it comes time 
to try and implement them, they seem to be elsewhere, or too busy.  
Instead of just mentioning them, live them, lead by example.
> >Mordraut
> -Michael 

Mordraut, again.

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