Litch Was Re: Why do some treat heralds so badly

lorraine stddly at
Thu Feb 15 12:29:11 PST 1996

>You're right, I don't like heralds much, I think the are the epitomy of a
>lot of things wrong with our society. There was a time I actually was going
>to be a herald, I was interested in a lot of things within thier purview,
>protocol, "book" heraldry, etc. Set about learning it and was to the point
>of taking the PE exam (when they had one here when I looked around at the
>heralds and discovered I couldn't stand what I saw, worse I was becoming
>like them.

The system you are talking about  was abolished over 5 years ago.

>It crystalized at a ILOI circle I was watching, the picayune pleasure they
>got out of sniping at peoples submissions was revolting. Looking at it in a
>broader scope I discovered that the people who were attracted to heraldry
>were dispropotionately possesed of small narrowminded attitudes about what
>the society should and shouldn't be, what people should do, and in general
>were pathetic yapdogs with pointless purposeless lives who got pleasure out
>of any imposition they could make on people who had a broader more
>enjoyable view of what we do.

Yes I saw that too and it drove me off for a few years. A lot of people left 
college because of it and then what was left were a bunch of assholes who
delited in those activities. I have realized since that allowing them to 
was the problem of the people who were not that way. Instead of pushing for
more reasonableness they allowed the feeding frenzy to continue. If you had 
up at a meeting others would have probably joined you. Speaking of it now with
the chip on your shoulder makes you seem like the pathetic little yapdog 
with a pointless
purposeless life who gets pleasure out of any imposition you can make on 
people who have a
broader more enjoyable view of what WE do.

>I consider criticism a valid and constructive activity.

In the right time and place it is. Now way after the fact and after the 
college of heralds has regained
some of it's bearings and the people who sniped realizing that the remarks 
they said have 
seriously hurt people your words are just so much tripe. You are not in 
touch with the current college
and did not take Kief up on his offer to attend a meeting of the CoH while 
he was Star.
>>  You do
>>not go to events, nor do you go to business meetings, both of which
>>would be good places to try and change the SCA.  Why not?
>Gee and they always used to say one could paly as little or as much as one
>wanted to, guess that's not true anymore.

It has always been true that it is a completely voluntary organization. You 
should realize that
the people you are putting down are also volunteers, they do the things they 
do to keep
the organization running and to make events enjoyable for everyone. You seem 
to be seeing things through the perspective that everyone must cater to your 
enjoyment while you do not have to 
do anything in return. It's like the saying "If you don't vote you can't 
blame anyone else on who
gets elected" In the SCA we vote by being active in the organization and 
making it better. Nothing
gets done if all you do is talk about it.

>In any case you're wrong, I do got the events and things I have the money
>and time for, I usually make it to at least one thing a month, usually 2-3.

It is nice to see you are actually attending something. While you are 
attending these activities
are you doing anything but partying in garb? Is all your tripe because 
people are interupting your
party while doing all the things necessary to allow you a place for it?

>>Perhaps, if you really believe that you know all that is wrong with
>>the SCA, you should come out and help change it.  To put in in plain
>>english:  Litch, put up or shut up.
>I don't know all that is wrong, I have several ideas on how to improve the
>situation, and I do mention them whenever they seem approriate to me.

You only know what is interrupting your party. Most of the time the subjects 
you talk about are ones you are not involved enough in to make positive 
suggestions that will work, you mostly just spew 
which makes the few reasonable suggestions
 you make unappealing even if any of them would work. And you seem to think 
all of us are 
dunderheads and haven't thought of some of the suggestions you have made, 
you are wrong.
There are many of us you don't see who are working for the betterment of the 
Society in ways
you don't see because you are not involved enough and see everything only 
through glasses stained 
with prejudice. Things change slowly step by step especially when MANY 
people are
involved. For the most part things that are changed are worked from the 
bottom up unless you
can convince those in the proper positions to take action, and usually they 
seem to be about
to decide when they step down and then you have to start from square one 
with the new proper

I do give you credit though for establishing the Ansteorran Web Page it 
serves the Kingdom well
thank you for that.


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