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Dia duit!

 [Replying to a message of lorraine  to All]

 l> I do give you credit though for establishing the Ansteorran Web Page it 
 l> serves the Kingdom well thank you for that.

Actually, with the sloppy layout, gross spelling errors, and recent foul
language, I thought it served our Kingdom rather poorly.  However, now that it
is gone (I've just checked and it's been replaced by a bit more of Litch's
vitriol), we need a replacement.

Since I already have a page devoted to Ansteorra (with the infamous "too darned
big" maps <g>), and had planned on expanding that part of my web anyway, I'll
gladly volunteer to fill the void.  Look for new stuff to start appearing there
in the next few days.

BTW, the URL is:

Any branches, guilds, households, or just plain folks with web pages that would
like to be listed, please send me the URL.  I have several that were on Litch's
page in my booklist, but not all.  Also, if you have e-mail (but no web) and
would like to be listed in an Ansteorran Directory, please send me that info as
well.  Info on mailling lists is something I also need.

Lastly, anyone with ideas about what things they would like to see on this new
Ansteorran Web, please drop me a note.  I've already got the Roll of Precedence
on the web, plus the maps, and plan to add some pages on History, Geography,
and the obvious things like pointers to other pages, contacts, ...  If you
think of something I haven't thought of, or have seen something on another
Kingdom's or Branch's page that we should emulate, please let me know so I can
check it out.

Feicfidh me' ari's thu',

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