Whining and complaining

I. Marc Carlson IMC at vax2.utulsa.edu
Fri Feb 16 06:37:34 PST 1996

<Rachel Jordan <psu01169 at odin.cc.pdx.edu>>
>What do you consider to be a "populace meeting"? Are we talking once a 
>month baronial/shire type meetings or something more specific? Remember, 
>I've never played SCA out of the kingdom of An Tir.

Definately a good question, since the term does make some basic assumptions,
including that everyone will use the same terms to mean the same things (and
that's usually a stupid assumption).

By "populace Meetings", I refer specifically to the one a month shire business
meeting, where everyone attends.  Some places appear to refer to these as 
"moots".  At those, medieval dress is encouraged *most strongly*.  It is also
encouraged at mothly officer's meetings (or was the last time I attended one,
but that was quite some time ago).  The monthly Shire planning meetings
(i.e., the "Where do we go from here?" meetings) Medieval dress is encouraged,
but not strongly (btw, these are what *we* refer to as "moots").  Fighter
Practices, Archery practices, Guild meetings, and so forth, Medieval attire
is encouraged, if only to keep from confusing the onlookers.

I believe the only place medieval attire is *required* (wear it or leave) is
for participants in Demos.

>	* Weekly dance practice: Mostly in garb (I personally don't like
>	lugging around garb to school, as it requires another bag 
>entirely and therefore end up in mundanes, sticking out like a sore thumb.)

In that case, might I suggest a compromise?  If you take a basic junk t-tunic
to throw on over your mundanes, wad that up and stuff it in your back seat and
just leave it there, then at dance practice, you won't strictly be in street
clothes, and you won't have to lug around all the necessary junk for "being
in garb".


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