Wearing of med. clothes

Darryl & Kate Arrington strmridr at kiss.de
Fri Feb 16 18:46:32 PST 1996

Unless Corpora has changed recently, I was forced to research the 
question of garb being required at "official functions".  I do 
remember there being a statement to that effect in the document.  The 
idea is that wearing garb will attract the mundanes ("Are ya'll in a 
play?"), which just might attract new members.  I don't know of too many 
shires anywhere in the known world who couldn't do with a couple more 
hardworking newbies to impress the heck out of.  Personally, when I'm in 
garb I tend to act more like "Thorgrim" and not Darryl.  I can understand 
that some people have a hard time making it to meetings in garb, 
especially when they're running a tight mundane schedule and don't have 
time to change into something elaborate.  That's fine.  But when you DO 
have newbies in the shire/Barony/whatever, what kind of message are you 
sending them when the "old-timers" are not showing up in garb?  Some get 
the idea that you really don't care, and we shouldn't be sending that 
message. The big thing to remember, folks, is that we do this for fun.  
This is a hobby, as much as some of us would like it to be full time.  
When our hobby becomes a job, it becomes much less fun (most of the 
time).  When it becomes "not fun", we quit.  Have a little tolerance, but 
keep in mind what we're doing.  I invite your responses to this - they 
should be good.

Thorgrim, a displaced Ansteorran living in Drachenwald

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