Garb outside events(was: Whining and complaining)

Lee Cavett Lee.Cavett at
Sat Feb 17 06:44:20 PST 1996

Stefan writes:
 "H> I guess it's time for an intra-kingdom anthropology question. Do other
 "H> people/groups wear medieval clothing (garb) to local group meetings?

 "H> It is certainly uncommon here in Bryn Gwlad (Austin). Now that fighter
 "H> practice is only on tuesday nights, people don't even dress up for
 "H> fighter practice anymore.

Here in Stargate, our populace and business meetings are held in mundanes. Folk
are encouraged to show up in garb for Sunday fighter practice, and I have noted
an increasing trend toward that. Outlying cantons, from what i have seen, tend
to follow more or less the same pattern. However, the current Stargate
Hospitaller is encouraging the populace to begin showing up at our monthly
*populace* meeting (as dis- tinct from the *business* meeting) in garb, in
order to give us more exposure (we meet in a library). Personally, I think this
is a good idea, even though it may mean I have to do my post-event laundry a
little sooner than otherwise....:)
Of course, all of this is based on personal observation and comes with the
usual disclaimer......
Donal O'Dochartaigh

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