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Sun Feb 18 04:38:26 PST 1996

About this concern over wearing garb.......

>From a "Hospitaler's" perspective, the wearing of garb to populace meetings
will help draw the interest of mundanes if your group meets in a very public
place (libraries and such).  It's "free" advertisement without any extra
effort or expense.  It is understandable that there will be those in
attendance coming directly from work who do not bring garb to change into or
have time to do so. This can actually be of some benefit as newcomer's are
often more comfortable attending if they view others in mundanes (most don't
have garb readily available). So this "mix" of dress in a meeting can be
viewed as a "positive" thing. While there is usually an ENCOURAGEMENT to
dress in garb, I've never personally known any group to REQUIRE garb at such

As for Demo's, those participating SHOULD be in garb. Here you are meeting
for the purposes of promoting the Society, recruiting new members, etc.  In
fact, you should dress in your BEST garb for such purposes.

Participants (those fighting) at Fighter Practices often arrive in mundanes
and change into armor. From what I've witnessed, those who attend Fighter
Practice, but who aren't fighting, usually come in garb. Again, Practices are
held in public places, hence the desire to have as many folk in garb as
possible to attract interest. Again, I am not personally aware of any group
REQUIRING the wearing of garb at their Practices.

My feelings are to wear garb at EVERY possible chance: Meetings, Practices,
and the like.  You do yourself and your branch honor by doing so, and, you
may help create an interest which might not have arisen had you been in

- Michael, Kingdom Hospitaler

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