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<TITLE>Ansteorra Web Page</TITLE>
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<H1>Introduction to SCA</H1>
Welcome to an SCA page. I hope you find it interesting, useful, or at least
diverting. This page is intended primarily for people interested in events
in Ansteorrra. For a more comprehensive view of the Society as a whole try
<A HREF= "">Current Middle Ages Web Server</A>.<p>

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<LI> <a href= "./sca/kevent.html">Kingdom Event Calender</a>
<li> <a href= "">Bryn Gwlad (Austin)Home Page</a>
<li> <a href="">Bjornsborg (San Antonio) Homepage</a>
<li> <a href= "">Elfsea (Ft. Worth) Home page</a>
<li> <a href= "">Loch Soilleir (Clear Lake) Home Page </a>
<LI> <A HREF= "">International SCA Newsgroup</A>
<LI> <A HREF= "">Large most Excellent Gif Map By Baron Aaodhan</A>
</UL><HR><UL>Other SCA web pages
<li> <a href="">North Texas Irish Festival</a>
<li> <a href="">Cavalier Days</a>
<li> <a href="">TRF (Texas Renaisance Fair) Homepage</a>
<li> <a href="">New World Arbelast</a>
<li> <a href="">mordraut's page</a>
<LI> <A HREF= "">PENNSIC XXIII webpage</A>
<li> <a href= "">Sca Music & dance page</a>
<li> <a href="">viscount Galen's homepage</a>
<LI> <A HREF= "">Baron Aodhan's Web page</A>
<LI> <a href= "">Celtic Cultures -A commercial web page with some nifty Celtic Stuff</A>
<LI> <a href= "">Trimaris Homepage</a>
<li> <a href=""> Modius's web page</a>
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There are two mailing lists of interest to Ansteorrans.<P>
<DT> <A HREF= "mailto:majordomo at">Ansteorra</A>
<DD> For events in and about Ansteorra
<DT> <A HREF= "mailto:majordomo at">Bryn-Gwylad</A>
<DD> For events in and about Bryn Gwylad (Note: this list is mirrored to the newsgroup <a href=""></a>)
To join these groups send mail to majordomo at where the subject is 
&quot <KBD>subscribe listname</KBD>&quot  where listname is the name of the 
list you want to join. <P>

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