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C11Hartel at C11Hartel at
Sun Feb 18 16:11:12 PST 1996

For those of you unable to attend Queens' this past weekend, Lord Modius,
cadet to Duke Sigmund, won the tourney.  Congratulations to him and the
people who were given awards at court that night.  I do not know who all
received awards as I was back at camp acting as camp guard with several other
of the Tempio people.  I did hear that Lord Otto der Fussman, Bryn Gwlad's
Rapier Marshal, received a Queen's Rapier, and Lord Tomas Ashe Buchannan,
from Tempio, received a service award from Bryn Gwlad.The Baroness of Bryn
Gwlad, Kassandra nic Kraken stepped down as baronessand it was announced that
Don Jeremy will be made a Pelican at Squire's/Cadet's. Could someone else
please fill in the rest of the award gaps?

Hopefully all those who attended had an enjoyable time.  If not please send
comments on how to improve things.



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