Medivial Pavilions

Pug pug at
Mon Feb 19 06:33:31 PST 1996

>>...of making an octangonal pavilion.  So are octagonal pavilions period?
>>Should I build one any way?  Would it realy matter? (except to the authenticity
> Two simple questions, My Lord.  To whom do you refer? And why should they
> care?  After all, it's your pavilion, and if you should choose to make it
> octagonal, regardless of documentation (or lack thereof) whose business is
> it of theirs?

I must agree. Although there are always people who will complain about
it, there will always be people who will complain. *smile*

If on the other hand you are wanting to be "period" I'd investigate it.
If instead you just want it for it's added functionality, go for it.


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