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Mark Harris mark_harris at
Mon Feb 19 08:00:39 PST 1996

Moriel asks:

>Does anyone know the history of marbles?  You know, the round ones you used
>to roll around and play with as a kid.  Also, if they are period, how were
>they played?

The question of marbles has been a recent discussion on the Riatlo in
the past month or so. I have collected several of these messages and
added them to my file:

games-msg		(95K)	 2/12/96	Medieval board games and sports.

I have sent Moriel the relevent section from this file. If anyone
else would like this, just let me know. The individual who runs the
WWW site where my files are kept is running behind on getting my
updates online and the updated file is not online yet.

Stefan li Rous
Barony of Bryn Gwlad
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