Medivial Pavilions

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Gordon asks:
I have been researching the subject of medivial pavilions to prepare to 
design an build one of my own.  So far I seem to find details on round
pavilions, square pavilions, and rectangular pavilions.  But I was thinking
of making an octangonal pavilion.  So are octagonal pavilions period?
Should I build one any way?  Would it realy matter? (except to the
police?)I mean it's not that hard to convert an octagonal design into a round
Other questions:  I have seen designs that use a center pole and designs
that use a frame.  Can anyone relate experiences that would indicate that
one method is prefered over the other?
Of course any other input is apprieciated.

The files below may answer some of your questions:

MaMSP-art         (9K)	11/ 2/95	article: Making a Medieval Shade Pavilion.
p-tents-msg      (32K)	 8/16/95	Period tents and documentation sources.
pavilions-msg	  (108K)  1/22/96	The making of medieval pavilions.
tents-alt-msg	    (8K)	 6/29/94	Alternatives to tents.
tent-care-msg	   (23K)	 3/20/95	Care of tents. waterproofing, washing.
tent-fabrics-msg	(41K)	 9/18/95	Fabrics and treatments to use in tents.
tent-ps-msg		    (36K)	 1/10/96	Pavilion poles, stakes and ropes.
tent-rental-msg	  (9K)	 5/ 9/95	Rental of tents at Pennsic and Estrella.
tent-sources-msg	(41K)	 1/10/96	Pavilion and canvas merchants.
tents-weather-msg	(23K) 1/10/96	Various tent styles in bad weather.
yurts-msg		      (42K)	12/ 6/95	Round Mongol tents also called gers.

These files can be found at:

Or from me by email. The versions of the files with '96 dates may be slightly
out-of-date at the WWW site.

Stefan li Rous
Barony of Bryn Gwlad
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