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Mark Harris mark_harris at
Mon Feb 19 16:03:06 PST 1996

Here is a copy of my article for the March It Cometh for those interested:

Is there any interest in having me post my SCA Rialto Filelist here in
small chunks, spread over time so it doesn't fill up anyone's mailbox
to overflowing?

A Blending of the Past and Present       

Here is the list of my featured SCA Rialto files for this month. I have 
files for all interests. If none of the files below interest you, ask for 
a copy of my complete file list. If you would like a copy of any of these 
files, just let me know. I can print them on paper for you, copy them 
to a computer disk or send them by email.

Those of you who have World-Wide-Web (WWW) access can also get these 
files at:

    Stefan li Rous   892-0036   markh at

Here are the new files that have been added this past month:

Balkans-msg           Balkan history and culture. (Yugoslavia)
blackpowder-msg       Making and using gunpowder and variants in 
                          the SCA and period.
burn-test-msg         Identifying unknown fabrics.
cloved-fruit-msg      Period cloved fruit. Origin of the SCA game.
med-law-art           Glossary of medieval legal terms by Ioseph.
merch-cloth-lst       Lists of clothes and pattern merchants.
nav-inst-msg          Medieval navigation instruments. 
per-insanity-msg      Insane personas, insanity in period.

Since we have our Whitsun Faire event coming up, I thought I'd highlight
some files that might prove useful to those developing fair occupations
or personas.

coins-msg             Period coins, making coins.
commerce-msg          Commerce and trade in period.
games-msg             Medieval board games and sports.
games-cards-msg       Medieval card games.
Gypsies-msg           Gypsy culture. Also called Rom or Romani.
jesters-msg           Court jesters, jonglers.
juggling-msg          Jugglers in SCA and period.
masks-msg             Theatrical masks. Period and modern.
med-prices-art        Listing of medieval prices.
occupations-msg       Lists of medieval occupations.
p-prices-msg          Prices for medieval items.
p-swears-msg          Period swears, oaths and insults.       
perfumes-msg          Medieval perfumes and pomanders.
puppets-msg           Medieval puppets.
sugar-paste-msg       Making sugar paste sotelties.
toys-msg              Period toys.


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