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Mon Feb 19 08:12:20 PST 1996

On 19 Feb 96 , Maureen Martinez shaped electrons to state:

>      From Jenny Winslow:

>      I have seen two "round pavilions" in real life. Both of these
>      used a rigid ring to support the walls.  The only pole used was
>      the center pole.  The walls were supported at the top by the
>      ring, and pulled out at the bottom by stakes.  Making a "sided"
>      pavilion, eliminates the need for the support ring, and your
>      walls are supported by the poles at the top and stakes at the
>      bottom.  Note that both of the round pavilions I saw were small
>      in floor area.  They seemed to be limited by the design of the
>      supporting ring.

Hmmm, she has probably not seen our yurt:-)

>      Generic Pavilion Suggestions - (regardless of design)
>      ---------------------------------------------------------------

Her suggestions are all very good, and you should keep them in mind.  
There are a few comments that I would like to add:

Consider why you want a pavilion:  Our yurt is a fantastic camping 
pavilion, but it really makes a lousy list-side pavilion.

Consider where you will be camping, weather wise:  A square pavilion 
looks nice, but if you do a lot of camping in windy areas, you will 
discover that they also make great sails:-(


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