Mardi Gras (In Elizabethan England)

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> >No, when I riot I like to have a good reason, like the high price of ale.
> >To riot just because it's a holiday is a waste of time which could be 
> >better spent on wine, women and song.
> >
> >Ld Llywelyn Gruffydd
> >Apprentice to Mistress Jeanmaire du Doremy
> >
> >
> Llwelyn, 
> I would never dream of rioting without the required three W's.  What kind of
> apprentice do you take me for?  Maybe you shouldn't answer that.
> Aubrey

Oh?  You would never dream of rioting without the required three 
W's?  And what sort of fiancee do you take me for?  And did you forget I 
read the net?  Perhaps you'd care to explain?

Siobhan, if you've got a continuing tradition with apprentices who have 
displeased you, perhaps you and I could talk.....


Countess Margaret ny Connor  *  Lisa A. May               *
Barony of Bonwicke           *  Texas Tech School of Law  *
Kingdom of Ansteorra         *  Lubbock, TX               *
     "And do as adversaries do in law, strive mightily 
               then eat and drink as friends."

Look out Aubrey!  At least Tor doesn't read the net, or at least not
          unless I sign him on!  Being the only computer literate
          member of the family DOES have it's advantages.(grin)

          BTW, what does she do to apprentices that displease

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