lorraine stddly at SHSU.edu
Thu Feb 29 17:34:55 PST 1996

Point well taken, m'Lady, however,
What I was referring to is new people in the shire/Barony who are looking 
to the "old timers" for an example.  I never said that you shouldn't 
encourage people to come, even if they have no garb, or feel 
uncomfortable wearing garb.  We should be there to help out the new 
people, and we should be making efforts to help them feel like they are 
in a family of people who, for whatever reason, "dress a little funny".  
As soon as they see how much fun we're having doing this, they will feel 
more at ease in joining in.  I think it's up to those of us who have been 
in a little while to set examples, but no one gentle in the entire SCA 
should "brow beat" people, especially new people, into this.  We're here 
to have fun, are we not?  Believe me, I'm not one of those "show up in 
garb or get out" type of people.  I just think that those who are there 
should make the attempt, if nothing else.  I love to see newbies in the 
SCA.  They walk around with big round eyes marvelling at all the things 
that can be seen and done, the same way I did when I first joined.  As to 
those people who see garb and think, regardless of what they're told, 
that they have to show up in it or else, and then will not come out and 
enjoy the company, what can I say?  Should we all stop wearing garb to 
any SCA function, just so we don't scare these people off?  If we do 
that, then think of all the poor laurels that won't have seams to check 
anymore, and that would be a disaster! ;-)

Yours in friendly banter and service,

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