Postal Changes

Deborah Sweet dssweet at
Mon Jun 3 12:48:47 PDT 1996

     To everyone on the Ansteorra list and several others:

     In the process of my mundane job (senior secretary for the 
Sociology Dept at OSU), those involved in mailing *anything* were 
requested to attend a meeting that detailed changes that are occurring 
in the US Postal Service.

     The items that specifically, IMHO, relate to the SCA are these:

     1. Addresses should be in all caps and no punctuation except for    
          the dash in the zip+4. Use a font with blocky letters with no  
          serifs. Numbers should be in a font that has clear             
          distinctions between each number, whether it's read forward or 
          backwards. Use only approved abbreviations.

     2. The last two lines of the address should include all the         
          necessary information for postal delivery. The last line       
          should have city, state & zip+4. The next to last line should  
          have street address/po box/& any apartment numbers/suite #.

     And the most important change (at least IMHO):

     3. Any self-flyer, newsletter, etc. that is sent through the mail   
          should have the *FOLD* on the *BOTTOM* as you look at the      
          address. And it should be tabbed closed, not stapled. (That    
          way it can go through the machine & be processed at a faster   
          rate - which means faster delivery, & if your mail is metered, 
          it can have a substantial savings.) 

     4. There are some other changes that will certainly effect the      
          SCA-wide corporate mailings, and the kingdom mailings (such    
          as keeping records of accurate zip codes).

     The Post Office is totally revamping itself in order to prepare for 
the 21st century. They're dropping the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd class system. The 
changes for 1st class mail will be in effect July 1, and the changes for 
the 3rd class mail should be in effect October 1 (what used to be 3rd 
class mail will have the requirements of 1st class mail & be charged as 

     So hopefully, I haven't bored everyone to death if you've read this 
far. I'd be glad to try & answer any questions, but I'm not an expert. 
As part of our notes say, "Remember 3.3 ounces 3rd nonprofit is 12.4 
cents, but 1st class is $1.01." 

     The SCA would do well to make sure it does not have an increase in 
our postage. Just flipping the newsletters to where the fold is on the 
bottom would probably save a significant amount of money and it would 
probably increase the speed with which we receive them.


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