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The person who gave me the following information wanted me to share
it with the Eastern Chronicler (he's not net-connected). I decided it
was easier and more important to share it with all chroniclers. Feel
free to disseminate this:


	The U.S. Post Office will have a full service
station at Pennsic. There will also be a special 
cancel to honor Pennsic XXV. The special 
commemorative cancel will be used on all mail sent 
from the Pennsic Station.
	The postal station is usually located in the
northwest corner of St. Aidens Square near the
aerial photo display and the bank, across from the
play area. It will be open Monday, August 12
through Friday, August 16 from 10 am until 1 pm.
In addition to sending mail and packages, stamps, 
money orders and postal stationery will be available.
	The Pennsic XXV postal cancel was designed by 
the Spalding Abbet Philatelic Society.


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