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> >I took your shoemaking class at a collegium last year, and thought your
> >clothes looked pretty good then.  Where do you get them?  Sew them yourself?
> >Have a special someone who keeps you in garb?  Or do you buy and barter it?
> I haven't gotten much in the way of new clothes lately since she was a
> trifle torqued when shortly after having received a beautiful hand-made
> Elizabethan outfit, I said something stupid on the Rialto about "early
> period clothes can be just as snazzy as late period ones" (or words to
> that effect) and promptly started dressing only in 12th Century (in 
> order to put my money where my mouth was).  

I remember the comment.  For as little as I know about period garb, I
thought it sounded true.  In fact, if I recall correctly, the lady who
taught the beginning garb class at that same collegium showed off a nice
white and purple early Byzantine tunic/dress that I thought was like 
court garb.  She said, "Oh no, that's `field garb'...that's what I do
kitchen work and waterbearing in."  I was pretty floored.  I'd give a 
sword for one nice tunic like that.  All of my garb do you say?
Newbie.  I'm dying for better clothes...even one good set appropriate 
for my persona (see below), but neither I nor my lady are handy with a 
sewing machine.  I'm afraid I may have to learn, as my efforts to get in
touch with local seamstresses has turned up nil.

> Now she and I are trying
> to dress in something approaching the same era (c 1300), which meant
> that I get something new. :)

My persona is 1280 Norman.  Know where I can get patterns or pictures?

> The outfit itself is rather plain -- no embroidery, no real decoration,
> just plain, simple wool and linen, but I'm rather proud of it.

I'm sure you are... I don't crave adornment, just proper, well-fitted
period style.  Also, where do you get (or how do you fashion) your hose,
if they are indeed appropriate for your persona?

In Service,

Antoine D'Aubernoun
mka Randy Shipp
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