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Tue Jun 4 22:20:52 PDT 1996

Greetings unto Antoine from Stefan li Rous,

Antoine said:

  All of my garb do you say?
Newbie.  I'm dying for better clothes...even one good set appropriate 
for my persona (see below), but neither I nor my lady are handy with a 
sewing machine.  I'm afraid I may have to learn, as my efforts to get in
touch with local seamstresses has turned up nil.

Try this file for a little on seamstresses. Some reviews of some that
do mailorder, but not a very large file:
seamstresses-msg  (14K) 10/ 9/95    Working with seamstresses. Lists &
> Now she and I are trying
> to dress in something approaching the same era (c 1300), which meant
> that I get something new. :)

My persona is 1280 Norman.  Know where I can get patterns or pictures?

Try these files:
patterns-msg      (41K)  2/ 5/96    Sources for clothing patterns.
clothing-books-msg (59K) 5/23/96    Book reviews, bibliographies and pattern 
clothing-FAQ      (56K)  8/ 2/93    Clothing - Frequently Asked Questions.
> The outfit itself is rather plain -- no embroidery, no real decoration,
> just plain, simple wool and linen, but I'm rather proud of it.

I'm sure you are... I don't crave adornment, just proper, well-fitted
period style.  Also, where do you get (or how do you fashion) your hose,
if they are indeed appropriate for your persona?

Try this file:
hose-msg          (68K)  5/17/96    Hose and leggings.

All the files mentioned above are in the CLOTHING section of
my SCA Rialto Files which are available at:

or from me by email.

You might also want to look at this file, which is in the CULTURES section:
Normans-msg       (14K)  3/20/96    Norman culture, dress.

Hope this helps.

Ld. Stefan li Rous
Barony of Bryn Gwlad
markh at

In Service,

Antoine D'Aubernoun
mka Randy Shipp
rshipp at

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