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Wed Jun 5 07:27:58 PDT 1996

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>I was suitably impressed with Diarmuits new woolen garb.  It looked
>comfortable even in the swampy heat of the afternoon hours after the heavy
>rains we received.  Few Norse personna's wear the woolens which would be
>appropriate due to the fear of heat stroke.  I guess we need to think again.  

Thank you.  It was great.  As with everything, it started getting a bit
warm in the sun, but then it stopped and remained at a fairly
comfortable level.  The linen underneath did a beautiful job of staying
cool and dry.  The only parts that were uncomfortable were the cotton
hose (which got both hot and wet), and that stupid hat (which is about
ten years old, made of (I think) velour and stuffed with plastic).
BOTH are next on the list to be replaced.

Linen, btw, *can* be a bit pricy if you buy it at the fabric stores,
but Herself, Mistress Dogrobber has discovered that the thrift stores 
will often sell it much cheaper.  But after this last even, I think that
even the more expensive cloth store linen is WELL worth it in our


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