Directions to King's

Maureen Martinez Maureen_Martinez at
Wed Jun 5 09:49:09 PDT 1996

     From Jenny Winlsow:

>>Thomas of Tenby said:

>>>For some reason, there is no event announcement in the June 
>>>BLACK STAR, so I'd appreciate it if you could forward this
>>>information on to as many people as possible.  Thanks!

>>Along those lines... Does anyone have a class schedule or 
>>list for this King's College? Since we are planning on
>>making it a daytrip, it would be nice to know what the
>>early morning classes will be.

I have seen a schedule, but of course, >>this is subject to change<<.

I remember the 9:00 classes being :

Period Gardening
Elizabethan Shoemaking
Wool Felting

My memory fades after that.  Classes seemed to run continuously from 9 to 5, so 
folks will have to make thir choices as when take lunch.

>>Also, these classes are going to be inside, right? So
>>we should dress for air conditioning rather than for
>>being out in the summer heat?

Classes are inside.  I believe the site is the music building.

Cheers,  Jenny 

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