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Thu Jun 6 17:00:00 PDT 1996

dssweet at (Deborah Sweet) wrote on Wed, 5 Jun 1996
> I encourage everyone who has questions about this postal
> reclassification to visit the Postal Services web page:

Many thanks to you, Estrill -- this source is of *mundane* interest to me as 
well, and your missive was the first I had seen reference to it.

Folks, it looks information from this may also help to solve the 
"disintegrating BlackStar" problem as soon as it is implemented (how many 
others have received their newsletters near-shredded because the sealing 
labels failed in transit, or prior to the use of labels the staples did not 

Every encouragement to Theodric to keep on top of this, and for the local 
chronicler's to be paying attention as well.

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