Survey (was Castellan)

Tue Jun 4 14:01:05 PDT 1996

<Antoine D'Aubernoun<"\"Randy Shipp\"" <rshipp at>>
>I took your shoemaking class at a collegium last year, and thought your
>clothes looked pretty good then.  Where do you get them?  Sew them yourself?
>Have a special someone who keeps you in garb?  Or do you buy and barter it?

My wife  (Mistress Talona "the Violet") has the uneviable task of making 
my period attire (Mostly, I think because if *I* did it, and people saw 
what I was wearing they would blame HER for letting me out of the house 
looking like that :) ).   She's usually pretty good about negotiating with 
me what it is that I'm going to wear (i.e., I have some say in what it will 
be as long as other colors than black are involved...).

I haven't gotten much in the way of new clothes lately since she was a
trifle torqued when shortly after having received a beautiful hand-made
Elizabethan outfit, I said something stupid on the Rialto about "early
period clothes can be just as snazzy as late period ones" (or words to
that effect) and promptly started dressing only in 12th Century (in 
order to put my money where my mouth was).  Now she and I are trying
to dress in something approaching the same era (c 1300), which meant
that I get something new. :)

The outfit itself is rather plain -- no embroidery, no real decoration,
just plain, simple wool and linen, but I'm rather proud of it.


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