Crown's addresses

Leslie Miller miller at
Thu Jun 6 13:55:31 PDT 1996

Thanks to everyone who responded to my original post requesting info 
on past Crowns and their addresses.

I have just received a rather comprehensive list, but still lack a 
few addresses. Does anyone have current addresses for:

Duchess Arrowyn of Emerald Moor

Count Dinaris the Wanderer
Countess Marguerite do la Croix

Count Gerard CacEanruig
Countess Vanessa de Verona

Count William Miesko
Countess Catherine Blackrose

Countess Regina Gunnvor Morningstar

Incidentally, I'm looking for these addresses in order to send out 
invitations to them for Mikael and Mikaela's Coronation.  Once I've 
collected them, I'll be sure to keep the information for the next 
poor sot (I mean autocrat) who has to do this. :-)

If you happen to know these missing addresses, I'd be *extremely* 
grateful if you'd send them to my private e-mail address:

miller at

In service to Crown, Kingdom, and all that good stuff,

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