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Keith Ewing keandbc at
Thu Jun 27 11:48:28 PDT 1996

You wrote: 
>> >      Nobody was born after 1600.
>> Of course, that DOES NOT mean their CURRENT year is not after 1600.
>Then Antoine D'Aubernoun says,
>Though it's not clear why they should choose to do that...but then, 
I'm an
>expatriated Atlantian, and the custom here (which is to say, the 
>date of the SCA's period) may be different.  What is commonly used as 
>end of Ansteorra's historical focus?
>1600. Same as everywhere else. Look in Corpora. :-)
I think that corpora doesn't allow for aging.

I joined the SCA in the spring of 1985. I decided that it would be easy 
for me to identify with my persona if I always knew what the date was 
for him. So "Kein MacEwan" came to Ansteorra in the spring of 1585. He 
has been here for 11 years. In 4 years I will celebrate the end of the 
millenium while Kein is celebrating the end of the 16th century. In 3 
more years, Kein will celebrate the ascension of a Scot to the throne 
of England. 
I think that I will have earned the right to play out of period. Just 
my opinion.

Kein (who doesn't noramally talk about himself in the third person)

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