Herald needs help locating PKWARE, INC.

Kathri at aol.com Kathri at aol.com
Mon Jun 10 22:25:13 PDT 1996

In the course of publishing the Ansteorran Gazette I am about to wear out my
copies of PKZIP (circa 91) and PKUNZIP (circa 89).  I don't have a copy of
PKZipFix which I almost needed tonight. Does anyone have, or know where I can
find, a current address/location/means of contacting PKWARE, INC., the owner
and perpetuator of this most necessary utility?  They are still around,
aren't they?  I really want to send them money and get the new versions.
Please reply to kathri at aol.com.

(Sorry if this isn't of general interest, but I can testify that there's ONE
Ansteorran herald that's very interested.  Thanks for any help.)

In service to the heralds of Ansteorra,   Kathri

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