Baroness Regina

maddie teller-kook meadhbh at
Thu Jun 13 04:19:29 PDT 1996

joan nicholson wrote:
> Greetings Cousins,
>         Rumour, who runs on light and airy feet, has said that Baroness
> Regina Masquer was offered or has already received a Peerage.  Is this
> correct?  She has many friends and family in the Outlands who wish to know.
>                                                   Many thanks,
>                                                        Prydwen

It is no rumour.  Regina was elevated to the order of the pelican this past 
weekend in Ffynon Gath.  It was a wonderful ceremony.  She entered court in 
full mongol fashion and made sure there were no evil spirits in the hall 
before entering.


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