Baroness Regina, rumour confirmed

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Unto Prydwen and any others who may be interested come greetings and
confirmation of rumour.

Mistress Regina de Masquere was elevated to the Order of the Pelican (peerage
for service) on Saturday, June 8, AS XXXI (1996) about 6 pm at the King's
College event in the Shire of Fynnon Gath within the Kingdom of Ansteorra
(San Marcos, Tx).  It was most aptly placed, as she has worked for years in
the group, which began as a canton and has recently become an independent

The ceremony was held in the auditorium of the SW Tx Univ building we were
using for the event.  It began with a request from Lord James ap Benyl, the
spokesman, for permission to perform a rite to insure that no evil spirits
were present in court.  His Majesty Galen agreed, although he insisted that
there were no evil spirits in *his* court.  Lord James carefully replied that
the ceremony was merely to *insure* that this was so, and the drummers
entered.  They were followed by the entourage, many of whom were carrying
lighted candles (and perhaps other symbols).  The Baroness Regina was then
called, and she entered preceded by an female belly dancer and a male fan
dancer.  There was a moment's confusion for some when Regina was called and
the dancer immediately appeared, but all became clear in a moment.  I was
most impressed with both dancers.  The young lady was very skilled and lithe,
very appropriatedly dressed for court, and very adroit at working a deep bow
into her dance as she entered and exited the throne area.  I fear the
ceremony was necessary -- a mischievous spirit caused the fan dancer to slip
on the slick floor and one of his fans may have been damaged, but he was
unhurt.  In fact, he resumed so skillfully that I thought he might have been
doing some floor work.  The spirit was evidently appeased; nothing else
untoward happened.

The candidate was most richly dressed in colorful brocade and other fine
fabrics.  A Laurel from Ansteorra and a Knight from the Outlands spoke for
her, so you see she had a least one representative from your fine Kingdom to
remind us of her high standing there.  I am sorry I don't know his name or
face, since I saw mostly his back as he stood in court, but the Word and the
Belt were the important parts.  (I do remember the attractive short cape of
brocade embroidered with gold, and I noted that what was showing below the
cape was -- attractive.)  The candidate chose to swear fealty.  After her
elevation she was most heartily greeted by the other Pelicans, and after
court she received the populace during the revel.

I myself saw all this happen, and yesterday I mailed to our precedence herald
a report signed by Their Majesties Ansteorra which will ensure that this
honor is always known. 

For any lack in this report I apologize, and also if this is more than you
wanted to know.

By my hand, Katherine Constancia da Feltre (Kathri) 

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