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Tue Mar 5 10:06:35 PST 1996

Here is the PERFORMANCE ARTS section of my SCA Rialto Files.

Those who have Web access can find these files at:

I can also send these by email or on disk. If you request files be
sent this way, please specify whether you wish text or Word format.
Word format gets you the original formatting and fonts, but you will
need a word processor that understands this format to read them. Other
formats are possible such as Word Perfect.

Stefan li Rous    Barony of Bryn Gwlad
(512)892-0036     markh at

The file size is in bytes with about 3K bytes per page.

bagpipes-msg      (14K) 10/11/95    Medieval bagpipes. Use in the SCA.
bardic-msg        (18K)  1/21/94
drums-msg          (9K)  1/ 4/96    Medieval drums and percussion
guitar-art        (41K)  8/ 9/94    History of the guitar by Ioseph of
instruments-msg  (131K)  1/ 4/96    Musical instruments.
harps-msg         (32K) 12/ 6/95    Medieval harps. Sources. String sources.
jesters-art        (9K) 12/ 6/95    Article on medieval court jesters.
jesters-msg       (14K)  9/ 9/95    Court jesters, jonglers.
juggling-msg      (68K)  3/ 4/96    Jugglers in SCA and period.
masks-msg         (32K)  9/19/95    Theatrical masks. Period and modern.
music-bib         (14K)  1/24/95    Bibliography and reviews for period
music-msg         (23K) 12/ 6/95    Period music.
p-songs-msg       (14K)  1/ 9/96    Period songs and song lyrics.
p-stories-msg     (23K) 11/10/94    Period stories. Story sources.
poems-msg         (14K) 11/14/95    Poems written by SCA folks. Period
poetry-msg        (36K) 11/ 2/95    Period poetry techniques.
puppets-msg       (14K) 10/31/95    Medieval puppets.
singing-msg        (6K)  1/27/94    Judging whether a song is period in
song-sources-msg  (36K)  1/15/96    Sources for medieval songs. Book reviews.
songs-msg         (48K) 10/13/93    SCA and medieval songs.
songs2-msg        (99K) 12/ 6/95    More songs.
story-sources-msg (14K)  8/ 8/94    Sources for period stories.
storytelling-art  (23K)  6/13/94    Storytelling techniques by Yaakov.
storytelling2-art (27K)  1/ 9/96    Another storytelling article by Yaakov.
theater-bib       (18K)  4/20/94    Bibliography on theater.
theater-msg       (23K)  1/15/96    Period theater.
trumpets-msg      (18K) 12/ 6/95    Trumpets and horns. Sources.

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