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>Subject: A Day In The Life...event ad
>The Barony of Raven's Fort presents,
>A Day In The Life...
>April 26-28, 1996 at the Stones of Raven's Fort, Huntsville Texas
>        It is 1597 in Monaco, Philip II of Spain and Henry IV of Navarre 
have agreed to a 
>peace talk...  To honor this "truce" four of the fencing masters have 
agreed to teach the
>arts of war.
>        There will be four schools of fence:  French, Italian, Swiss 
(Germanic) and Spanish.
>There will also be tactical classes for armored combat that will run at the 
same time as
>the rapier schools. They will revolve around the use of late period weapons 
(spear, glaive,
>greatsword, shield walls and pikes...).
>        Competitions will include both Armored and Rapier melees, 
tournaments, Blackpowder
>Target Shoot and Practicum, Crossbow Target Shoot and Duel, A & S 
Competition (You may
>display as many items as you wish, enter only one item to be 
judged/standard Ansteaorran
>documentation required/extra bonus points for items & documentation within 
time period of
>1550 to end of SCA period), Bardic Competition (Sonnet writing), Rapier 
Obstacle Course,
>Equestrian Demo and Competition.
>        There will be a feast for 150 people. It will be an International 
Feast of the time (European).
>Reservations for the feast can be made throught the Feastocrat.
>        Site will open of Friday at 4pm and close Sunday at 4pm. The site 
is primitive with barrel
>water and limed privies. It is a wet site (mundane laws enforced). Ground 
fires pending on 
>weather before and during event...otherwise allowed, as with pets ON 
LEASHES!! (State laws
>requires pet mammals, entering our site to show WRITTEN proof of current 
rabies vaccination.
>A collar tag alone will not work.) Site fee: $5.00/Feast fee: $5.00. Make 
checks payable to:
>Barony of Raven's Fort, SCA Inc..
>Autocrat: Baroness Chrystal Ariana MacRuari (Roberta Allen)  (409)295-8765
>Feastocrat: Lady Lynette Selwayne Varshield (Christina Blanks)  (409)295-8225 

I sent it to the wrong spelling...oops!

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