Gulf War Question

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Tue Mar 5 15:13:30 PST 1996

In a message dated 96-03-05 09:06:31 EST, Mordraut wrote:

>Hiya Folks, silly question time:

>    Does anyone know what the weapon standards will be for this Gulf 
>War, particularly the Pole Arm length?  The reason why I'm asking, 
>last year there were some 7 1/2' Pole Arms out there.
>Mordraut  (Who is staring at a 9' length of rattan:-)

Silly question?!? NEVER...I would like to know what the standards are for eye
protection so one can marshal.  I asked this question many months BEFORE LAST
YEAR'S Gulf War and never got an answer.  I have a pair of high impact
raquetball glasses and want to know  if they will be acceptable or not.  

Geez I just love the information we get before a BIG event....


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