Gulf War Question

lorraine stddly at
Wed Mar 6 09:19:57 PST 1996

>>Silly question?!? NEVER...I would like to know what the standards are for eye
>>protection so one can marshal.  I asked this question many months BEFORE LAST
>>YEAR'S Gulf War and never got an answer.  I have a pair of high impact
>>raquetball glasses and want to know  if they will be acceptable or not.  
>>Geez I just love the information we get before a BIG event....
>This isn't "Official", but it is based on my experience of the last couple
>of years. Meridies apparently requires eye protection for marshals in
>situations with combat archery. In the last two Gulf Wars, they've had a big
>box of lab goggles that they handed out to the marshals. 
>I expect that racquetball glasses would be fine, and they'd probably
>appreciate someone bringing their own gear. (Personally, I just went out and
>bought some paintball goggles.)
>     -Tivar Moondragon
Are you going to wear the Morion this year again while 
marshalling ???


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