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Mark Harris mark_harris at
Wed Mar 6 13:35:53 PST 1996

Here is the SCA STORIES section of my SCA Rialto Files.

Those who have Web access can find these files at:

I can also send these by email or on disk. If you request files be
sent this way, please specify whether you wish text or Word format.
Word format gets you the original formatting and fonts, but you will
need a word processor that understands this format to read them. Other
formats are possible such as Word Perfect.

Stefan li Rous    Barony of Bryn Gwlad
(512)892-0036     markh at

The file size is in bytes with about 3K bytes per page.

Anst-hist-msg     (23K)  1/16/96    Histories of the Kingdom of Ansteorra.
AnTir-hist.msg     (9K) 11/29/94    Histories of the Kingdom of An Tir.
Aten-hist-msg     (28K) 12/14/94    Histories of the Kingdom of Atenveldt.
Atlantia-hist-msg  (5K) 11/10/94    Histories of the Kingdom of Atlantia.
border-stories-msg (32K) 5/31/95    Crossing international borders for SCA
CA13-msg          (23K)  9/27/94    The story behind the infamous CA 13. (the
                                      one on period pornography).
Caid-hist-msg     (14K)  1/ 2/96    Histories of the Kingdom of Caid.
Drach-hist.msg     (9K)  2/ 2/95    Histories of the Kingdom of Drachenwald.
East-hist-msg     (32K)  1/22/96    Histories of the East Kingdom.
EK-Royalty.lst     (5K)  5/18/95    List of all East Kingdom Royalty.
Lochac-hist-msg   (18K) 10/26/95    History and description of the
                                          of Lochac. (Australia)
Meridies-hist.msg  (8K)  7/27/94    Histories of the Kingdom of Meridies.
Middle-hist-msg   (23K) 10/13/95    Histories of the Middle Kingdom.
Outl-hist.msg     (14K)  1/ 3/96    Histories of the Kingdom of the Outlands.
SCA-authors.msg   (36K) 12/16/94    Authors who have been/are SCA members.
SCA-hist1-msg     (86K)  5/15/92    Msgs on the history of the SCA until
SCA-hist2-msg    (122K)  8/20/94    Msgs on the history of the SCA until
SCA-hist3-msg     (81K)  1/ 4/96    Msgs on the history of the SCA.
SCA-in-books-msg  (32K) 10/31/95    Mentions of the SCA in books and
SCA-noteables-msg (14K) 11/ 1/95    20th century noteables in the SCA.
SCA-romance-msg   (32K)  1/15/96    SCA romances and meeting SOs in the SCA.
SCA-stories1.msg  (95K)  4/27/94    SCA stories related before 5/1/94.
SCA-stories2-msg  (95K)  1/ 4/96    SCA stories related after 5/1/94.
Trim-hist-msg      (5K)  9/15/95    Histories of the Kingdom of Trimaris.
West-hist-msg     (27K) 11/ 3/95    Histories of the West Kingdom.
you-know-msg      (59K)  1/30/96    You know you're in the SCA when...

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